3 Common Loss Exposures for School Shuttles

Every day in America, school shuttles crisscross roads and neighborhoods to bring children safely to their schools and back home again. This presents insurance exposures that require specific insurance for school shuttles to cover these three types of losses.

Property Damage

All automobiles are susceptible to sustaining and causing property damage. However, this is particularly concerning for school shuttles because they are making several stops per day, increasing the risk of accidents from other vehicles on the road.

Bodily Injury

Accidents on the road often cause bodily injury. However, since school shuttles carry children, any severe injury or loss of life is magnified both in human emotion and liability costs. The victim’s age makes judgments higher and lawsuits more costly to defend, which is why the proper insurance limits are particularly vital.

Theft and Other Perils

Since schoolchildren rely on transportation for their educational needs, vehicles must be covered for other perils such as theft, fire, vandalism, and other catastrophes. This would provide funds to repair or replace vehicles to get them back out on the road as soon as possible.

School shuttles are an integral part of the education system as many children rely on them as their only means of transportation. Carrying the proper insurance will keep these vehicles safely and reliably on the road.