3 Major Categories of Business Insurance

No matter what type of business you manage, finding quality financial guarantee insurance should be a top priority. From small and medium-sized businesses to private firms and non-profits, all can benefit from general liability, fraud protection and property insurance.

1. General Liability

This type of insurance may offer protection against any injury on your property or any damage to the property itself. Exactly who is protected depends on the type of business. For example, a corporation may have general liability insurance that protects the executives, principles, stockholders or owners. A small business may only have protection that covers the direct owners.

2. Workers’ Compensation

When an employee is unable to work because of an injury or illness sustained at work, they may be qualified to this type of compensation. Helping a worker return to work after an absence can benefit both parties.

3. Business Interruption

If a company becomes the victim of a fire or natural disaster, this insurance can help to mitigate the lost revenue that stems from total destruction or damage to property. The compensation can cover the cost of rebuilding as well as operating expense and lost profits.

Regardless of the type of company, financial guarantee insurance for business can ensure that principal and interest payments will be made to investors. Knowing the risks your company faces can help you find the right mix of solutions for your firm.