3 Ways To Ensure Successful Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Cultivation

As demand for cannabis increases rapidly, growers are under even more pressure to produce the best, most competitive plants. Though some elements of cultivation may seem intuitive, there are countless ways to go against the grain and produce an ever stronger crop.

1. Choose Drier Soil

Many new growers feel that soil choice is irrelevant, but the truth is not so simple. Different plants require different filtration and nutrients, and cannabis tends to thrive in drier soil that doesn’t soak up excessive moisture, allowing more nutrients to penetrate the plant.

2. Monitor Plant Nutrients

Similarly, plant nutrient monitoring is critical to the production of healthy, efficient crops. The pH level, for example, should remain in the middle of the spectrum to ensure plants are able to soak in the correct amount and types of nutrients. You can also supplement growth by feeding your crops essential nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen.

3. Reduce Light and Water Intake 

Though it may seem counterintuitive, reducing the amount of light and water you give your plant can encourage more rapid growth, as well as a more potent bud. Light and water deprivation can trick the plant into thinking it’s flowering season even when it is not and produce a highly-concentrated form of THC.

Growing cannabis can be a highly rewarding, and often lucrative, hobby or occupation. Doing research on inventive ways to maximize growth and production can ensure that you get the most of the time and money you pour into cultivating your crops.