5 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Boat Show

Merrimac Marine Insurance

Boat shows are a great way to get more buyers interested in the boats you manufacture. Beyond having boat dealer insurance, these tips can help you have a great show this year.


Keep the pricing upfront on any signage around the vessel. The buyer wants to know total cost and monthly payments since the majority finance their boats. Including taxes shows extra transparency.


Here is a place you can have a great time and so can the prospective buyers. Reveal a new model or have a great demo that they cannot help but stop by your booth. As seen on Merrimac Marine Insurance, boat shows are covered by insurance in case something happens.


Even if someone seems unapproachable, take the time to greet each person. You never know who may actually be interested in your boat unless you chat with them. A little friendliness can go a long way to making a sale.


The staff should look clean, professional and approachable. Having them wear similar shirts can help customers identify them, but staff members need to be comfortable as the days at a show can belong.


Many boat manufacturers offer resources for the boat dealership to use such as decals and artwork. These can help boost your booth.

Your boat dealer insurance covers your boat shows. Attend one or host your own this year to make a new sale.