Boat Borrowing and Insurance Coverage

temporary boat insurance

As a responsible boat owner, you make sure to protect your investment in a variety of ways. You take safety courses to gain experience, maintain your boat with proper routine care and make sure you are covered in case of an accident. However, many boat owners decide to allow friends or family not listed on their policies borrow their boats. Unfortunately, accidents occurring during boat borrowing are usually not covered under a regular liability insurance policy. This is where temporary boat insurance comes into play.

What Does Standard Liability Insurance Cover?

Standard liability policies protect your boat in the case of an accident, but if you ever plan to allow someone to borrow your boat it might not be enough coverage. Basic policies usually cover:

  • Physical damage to your boat
  • Damage to other boats, docks or piers caused by your boat
  • Medical costs of passengers or others injured
  • Some specific named items on your boat
  • In some cases, damage caused by storms, fire or theft

All of the coverage above assumes that you or a named driver on your policy was driving when the incident occurred. Typically, unless you have an umbrella policy or temporary boat insurance, none of the above-listed items would be covered. Umbrella policies will extend your liability coverage to unnamed drivers, so you can feel secure when your boat is loaned out to a friend.