Caitlin Morgan_Critical Nursing Home Response to Power Outages

Power outages can be devastating to nursing home facilities. It pays to be prepared for unexpected emergencies to reduce the many risks involved.

Risks Nursing Homes Face During Power Outages

When the power goes out in healthcare facilities, it presents many difficulties and risks to your patients. Residents who are monitored with electrical devices may find their health has been compromised. Medication and food that require refrigeration can also become spoiled.

The heating system in the winter and air conditioning in the summer allow patients to remain comfortable in any type of weather. Power outages can quickly cause discomfort to your residents. Loss of lighting can create a fall hazard as well. 

Proactive Measures to Reduce Risks

Your nursing home power outage response is critical to reduce harm to residents and damage to the facility. Proactive measures include:

  • Establish a team to analyze the risks caused by power outages. Include a review of the impact on your most at-risk patients.
  • Coordinate with another facility to temporarily store medications and food that require refrigeration.
  • Invest in temporary generators to keep critical areas powered.
  • Conduct ongoing training with all employees on emergency response procedures, including who they should call in the event of an emergency.
  • Make sure you have proper insurance coverage for damages incurred as well as potential litigation.

Acting fast during an emergency requires planning. Keep your residents safe with emergency preparations.