Can Volunteers Expect Workers’ Compensation?

While most companies must have workers’ compensation coverage, there are sometimes questions about what workers’ compensation covers. Most know that workers’ comp protects the business and the employee in case of a workplace accident. What about volunteers, however? Is there workers compensation insurance for volunteers?

How Workers’ Compensation Works

If you have an employee who suffers an injury on the job, your insurance company pays for the medical bills and lost wages. Having workers’ compensation coverage protects you against lawsuits from staff over an injury. Workers’ compensation does not cover volunteer work, however. If you have volunteer workers, odds are they are not covered under workers’ comp.

How Volunteers Can Receive Coverage

If a volunteer is injured in the process of working for your company, he or she can still hold you accountable for the injuries. The major difference is that the volunteer is not covered under workers’ compensation. This could mean that the volunteer could file a lawsuit. You need to be aware that accidents could potentially happen anywhere. When your company hires volunteers, it should always have volunteer insurance.

When it comes to workers’ compensation, you cannot expect it to include volunteers. This doesn’t mean that you can’t insure volunteers. You are not likely to do so with your workers’ comp policy.