Cannabis for Women’s Health

Women’s plumbing is a complex system, so taking proper care of it is an important part of being a woman! Marijuana for women’s health is a safe, natural remedy that has a number of benefits. If you’re unsure whether this would be a good route for you, don’t worry — you can schedule a cannabis consultation with a professional before actually ingesting any product.

How Does Cannabis Help?

There are so many physical as well as mental benefits when using weed as a women’s supplement — so many, in fact, that this article can’t possibly list them all! You can see a more comprehensive list at, but some of the main perks include:
Relief from menstrual pain and cramping. Marijuana is known to reduce inflammation in sore muscles, and that includes your uterus!
Reduced symptoms of PMS: Bloating, cramping, and moodiness.
Increase in sex drive (that’s right — cannabis gets you in the mood for love).
Help falling sleep at night. Marijuana acts as a natural sleep aid for those who have trouble sleeping
Though marijuana is natural and has very few side effects, remember to speak to your healthcare professional before blindly taking a new supplement of any kind. Everyone reacts differently to medicines, so it’s important to be on the same page as your doctor.