Considerations for Renters With Dogs

Renters insurance for dogs

Wherever you live, you want your furry friend to come with you. If you’re renting an apartment or home, there are specific rules in place that you have to abide by. Renters insurance for dogs, as in insurance that includes dog bite insurance or property damage is usually something that you want to look into.

Property Damage

Even the best-trained dog might cause property damage. Some dogs may get into things while you aren’t home or they may become ill and stain the carpets. A lot can happen. If your pet is stressed, you may not realize that his or her response is to scratch the carpet or chew. No matter what happens, you need protection against extra fees or fines.

Dog Bite

No one wants to think about their dog biting another person or an animal. Unfortunately, even to the best dog owners, this can happen. Even if your dog isn’t aggressive, there are circumstances that may lead to a dog bite. Perhaps your pet is afraid or it met a timid dog. Whatever the case, if the dog bites, you are liable.

Renters insurance for dogs helps protect you and your pet from damages or fines that you might have to pay due to property damage or an injury caused by your pet.