Coverage for Temp Workers and Staffing Agencies

Employment agency insurance

Employment agency insurance is a unique insurance coverage provided to companies who provide temporary workers to businesses of all types and sizes. Temporary staff members should be held to the same standards as permanent staff, and treated with the same degree of respect and consideration. They should also be held accountable for their actions.

It’s a good idea to properly test and document the abilities of any worker before allowing them to take on a new job responsibility at your client’s facility. Have your office manager go over the specific duties that will be performed and ensure that the staffer understands all that is required of him or her.

Make sure that you are properly updated on the specific needs of the position being filled. If, for example, a previously hired temp worker returns to a similar position at a facility, you should explain any changes in policies and/or procedures that have occurred in the interim. In addition, verify that he or she has retained the necessary knowledge and skills to perform delegated tasks. Any mistakes could result in a claim against your employment agency insurance policy.

Provide them with a proper orientation

The orientation program should effectively communicate the organization’s expectations of temp employees, answer any questions they may have, and provide introductions to colleagues in order to facilitate a smooth transition. During orientation, staff members should also be required to review the facility’s policies and procedures and sign a form indicating that they will comply with regulations. This form, and other personnel documents, should be maintained on file at your staffing agency.

A thorough training program, in addition to orientation, should precede every new work assignment. Appoint a seasoned supervisor as a resource to assist newly hired temp staffers with the transition and to provide initial monitoring. Until staff members demonstrate full proficiency, close supervision should continue to be provided to them. Training generally occurs as part of the orientation process and responsibility for the knowledge and acceptance of privacy regulations should reside with the staffing agency.

Acknowledgement of company confidentiality

As with full-time employees, temporary personnel must understand company confidentiality statutes, laws governing privacy requirements and relevant company practices. Most businesses generally require that the staffing agency have temporary personnel sign binding confidentiality statements, and then place these executed documents in their personnel files. Any employee violating these statutes may be subject to disciplinary actions or termination.