Establishing Liability Support for Marina Operations


If you have a love of boating and being on or around the water, operating a marine could be a fulfilling yet entertaining occupation. There is always work to be done and patrons to serve, and what better way to feel connected with your passion or hobby than to work with and for other boaters or mariners. However, operating a marine comes with a unique set of challenges, and Merrimac experts recommend protecting yourself from legal liabilities with a comprehensive marina insurance policy.

Areas of Coverage

While the coverage plan may be written for a marine, the nature of the policy is to insure against the exposures that are often related to the custody, control, and care of watercraft. This extends to both the waterborne and land-based exposure of the marina’s operations. Marina operators have a responsibility to provide a safe berth for incoming or docked vessels, and the operator should proactively advise vessel operators or deficiencies or hazards that could prevent a safe and navigable entry and mooring. Failing to honor this responsibility can encourage legal claims against the marina operator.

The general limits of marina coverage are often extended to private, recreational vessels, but there are endorsements that can be added to increase the inclusions of the policy. Check with an insurance provider specializing in marine-related policies for the most accurate advice on what coverage your operations need.