Helping Staffing Agencies Feel Secure

staffing insurance

Running a staffing agency means you help businesses find the perfect employee match. It also means you may have to deal with complaints or lawsuits from both companies and workers your help. Staffing insurance protects you against those instances, so you can focus on providing your services instead of these disputes.

Insurance Policies for the Industry

As a staffing agency, you have your own employees and also workers that you help find employment for. That means you have a unique insurance situation. You need to have an insurance program that protects all areas of your business, which means including the following policies in your plan:

General liability

Professional liability

Worker’s compensation

Employee benefits

Employment practices liability

Depending on your business and area of expertise, you may also want to include stop gap insurance, directors and officers liability and even auto insurance. The point is, you want to protect your business from the risks you face. To do that, you need a policy that is designed for you and targeted at your industry.

Protecting the Staffing Industry

When you help workers find employment and businesses find quality employees, you play a vital role in the success of many people. To ensure your company is fully protected, you need staffing insurance. That way, you know you’re covered if any problems occur as a result of your services.