How the Manufacturing Industry Can Help Prevent Injuries in the Workplace

If your business operates in the manufacturing industry, preventing Workplace Injuries should be at the top of your company priorities list. Due to the nature of manufacturing, employees in this sector may be at particularly high risk of injury. Here’s what your company can do to avoid injuries and lawsuits.

Triple-Check Equipment and Conduct Regular Maintenance Inspections

The number-one cause of injuries in manufacturing is faulty machinery, so it’s critical to make sure all equipment is working properly. To maintain your company’s equipment, make sure to:

  • Ensure that all machinery and personal equipment, including safety goggles, gloves and other safety gear, is up to date and up to code
  • Conduct regular maintenance checks on equipment
  • Shut down or replace machinery that is malfunctioning or working inefficiently

Focus on Employee Well-Being, Training and Communication

When employees can comfortably communicate with management and are offered a safe work environment, they can perform at their best. To focus on employee well being, your company should:

  • Run all new employees through training programs to teach them how to properly operate machinery, lift heavy materials, prevent injuries and more
  • Set up signs around the manufacturing site to warn workers of potential hazards
  • Set up a system where employees can easily communicate safety concerns to management

Workplace Injuries are not only damaging to workers but can cause legal and financial ruin for companies as well. If you operate in the manufacturing sector, make sure to follow this advice to avoid injuries in the workplace.