I Want to Be a Marine Surveyor When I Grow Up

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I Want to Be a Marine Surveyor When I Grow Up

What is the oldest profession? There are many possible answers to this famous question. One answer that might surprise you is the job of a marine surveyor. For as long as people have been riding in boats, someone has had the formal or informal job of determining how risky it is to set sail in them. Read the following marine surveyor duties and qualifications to see if this career might be right for you

Job Duties

Here are some possible activities involved in a marine surveyor’s day at work:

  • Quantify damage after collisions
  • Manage cargo
  • Inspect equipment including boilers, turbines or refrigeration
  • Evaluate boats for safety before purchase
  • Assist clients when boats need repair
  • Check compliance with regulations


If the above job duties sound appealing to you, then you already have the number one qualification–a strong interest and knowledge of boats. Survey work is done outdoors, and travel to various ports often is required. Marine surveyors also must have good communication skills and be detail-oriented. As reported by Merrimac Marine, knowledge of your field will prevent many liability issues, as will having an insurance policy specific to the field of marine surveying. With salaries reported between $59,917 and $81,284 per year and an opportunity to work near water, this old profession may be right for you.