Important Areas for Mitigating Warehouse Risks

HILB Group

The key risks facing warehouses and distribution centers are fires and the use of material handling equipment. It is essential to have a good risk management strategy in place to counter these liabilities. One of the most important steps is to obtain a commercial warehouse contents insurance policy to cover the cost of incurred losses.

Fire Hazard

Fire not only poses a threat to the commodities under storage but also affects the storage systems, packaging materials and the building itself. According to the HILB Group of Florida, studies show that about a third of all industrial and commercial fires arise in warehouses. Causes of warehouse fires include sparks from overloaded or faulty power units and arson. To reduce fire risk, ensure that fire detection units and alarms are in place and operational. Additionally, strategically place fire extinguishers and sprinklers to control fire outbreaks.

Material Handling Equipment

MHE attachments such as clamps, loads and rotators may affect the mobility of the equipment. These alterations may put the safety of warehouse workers in jeopardy. Pedestrians are also at risk of getting injured as a result of the obstructed view of machine operators. Adequately train your staff before assigning them to machines and ensure other warehouse users follow the safety protocols that are in place.

Having effective risk management strategies in preparation for fires and handling of equipment may help minimize losses.