Important Boat Insurance Facts to Keep in Mind

Newport beach boat insurance

There’s nothing quite like getting to hit the open water with your boat. If you don’t have a good Newport beach boat insurance policy, however, you might be burdened with worry. What do you do if something happens on the water? Insurance can ease your anxiety. If you’re considering boat insurance, it’s good to know the facts.

Boat Insurance Is Not Auto Insurance

Mistakenly, boat owners believe that boat insurance will work like auto insurance. There are similarities, but also some key differences. For instance, in case of a collision, not only is the boat covered, but also so is the property inside. It’s important to look at your policy, rather than making assumptions.

Boat Insurance Doesn’t Cover You Everywhere

Most policies will cover you in specific areas. Now, this isn’t necessarily restrictive. Most coverages will allow you to travel across the country with your boat. However, if you’re traveling with your boat and it falls off the trailer, it won’t be under the boat insurance coverage.

While Newport beach boat insurance is crucial to protect your vessel, you do want to keep in mind what makes it different from other insurance policies. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to prepare for. You won’t be surprised by the insurance coverage if something does happen.