Insurance Coverage for HVAC Contractors

HVAC Contractors

Working with HVAC systems involves some considerable risk. It’s important for HVAC contractors to fully protect themselves against potential liability and loss with comprehensive insurance coverage. Here are some key considerations for HVAC contracting companies about the different forms of coverage that they need to safeguard their operations.

General Liability

In the event that an accident or error results in damage to a customer’s home, a general liability policy would be a contractor’s first line of defense. This essential HVAC contractor insurance policy will help address a customer’s damages as well the costs involved with a legal action.

Professional Liability

A liability policy that’s specifically geared towards offering a remedy for damages attributed to a professional error or omission supplements a general liability policy. HVAC contractors can use this type of policy in situations that may be excluded in a liability policy or to pay for damages that exceed a general liability policy’s limits.

Workers’ Compensation

State law may require a company to participate in a workers’ compensation program. This vital protection will cover a workers’ medical expenses if he or she is injured on the job.

Commercial Auto

HVAC contractors are always on the go to different worksites. Having a good commercial auto policy offers valuable protection for a company’s commercial vehicles.