Liability Insurance for Your Manufacturing Company

Manufacturers understand how important liability insurance is for the company. The manufacturing environment is especially prone to safety issues. Equipment with moving parts and workers that use sharp or heavy tools contribute to a potentially dangerous situation. That’s why insurance for manufacturers must include specific coverage to protect business owners and their employees and clients.

Liability Coverage

General liability insurance for manufacturers should be designed around the unique needs of your business model. It’s also essential that your insurance agent becomes familiar with the risks your company faces. Identifying these risks and developing plans to reduce them will not only help your agent design the best policy for your company, but it will also make for a safer work environment.

A general liability package helps to cover the costs involved in damages and bodily injuries to clients and customers at your facility. Examples include:

  • If a customer or vendor slips and injures themselves, requiring medical attention
  • Claims made against the business that result in legal fees and settlements
  • Repair costs for damages to a client’s personal property

Depending on your unique needs, a general liability policy can be included in a comprehensive package that includes workers compensation and other types of employee-related liability coverage.

Protect your workers, clients and your manufacturing company with comprehensive liability coverage.