Mitigating Accident Risks in Boat Building

Mitigating Accident

Shipyard safety is of paramount importance in any marine manufacturing operations. Though each business may offer some level of workers’ compensation for situations involving accidents and injuries, reducing shipyard accidents can lower the expense of insurance premiums as well as keep employees safe and engage with their work. Here are a few things you can do to improve the working environment.

Safety Tips

  1. Make sure all workers are properly trained and outfitted with the right personal protective equipment. The safety in the shipyard is the primary responsibility of those working in it.
  2. Hire experienced individuals for highly technical and complex tasks. These workers are more familiar with safety procedures and how to respond when things malfunction in heavy equipment.
  3. Establish safety measures all over the shipyard. This includes hand railings, rail guards, posted signs, and warning paint.
  4. Establish safety leaders that keep employees accountable for their actions and that conduct periodic training. When workers are educated about incidents and the circumstances, workers can be more aware of how to avoid them in their own workspace.
  5. Keep the work areas clean. Declutter shelves and remove trip or falls hazards. Have a dedicated storage place for everything, including tools, planks, paint cans, ropes, and cleaning supplies.

Proactively addressing safety concerns can reduce your risk with accident liability claims. However, a strong marine liability policy will give you the financial resources to address the claim.