Nightclub Liability in the World of COVID-19

Nightclub Liability

Nightclubs are required to carry several types of liability insurance. This is imperative in the unprecedented time of COVID-19. Are your program coverages enough to cover losses or any legal issues that may arise if customers or employees contract the virus in your establishment?

Basic Types of Insurance for Your Club

Nightclub program coverages vary. It’s vital to have the type of insurance you need to protect both your business and your clients.

  • Event liability insurance: If your venue includes performances of any kind — comedians, musicians, jugglers — this coverage is required if the performers don’t provide it for themselves.
  • Liquor liability insurance: Your nightclub can be held responsible for the bad decisions people make when inebriated. If you brew or sell alcohol, this policy will help with potential legal and medical fees and settlements.
  • Assault and battery liability insurance: Whether or not drinking is involved, you need protection in case a violent act occurs on your property. You need coverage for fighting between patrons or injury caused by your security staff.
  • General liability insurance: Accidents happen. This will cover every claim from patrons within your walls, from food poisoning to falls.

Business Interruption Insurance

COVID-19 brings new challenges. Most entertainment-related businesses have been disrupted by closures because of health concerns and stay-at-home orders. When this happens, business interruption insurance can help you stay ahead of the game and keep your business open.

Unexpected events call for strong insurance. To prevent lost revenue and protect your employees, make sure you have adequate coverage.