Nursing Policies Your Facilities Can’t Go Without

Insurance for nursing

In a nursing facility, skilled nurses provide care all day and night to their patients. Like any business, however, there are liabilities that require a variety of insurance coverages. Insurance for nursing facilities is not optional. If you want to know which are the most crucial, however, here are the top three.

General Liability

This is the most common coverage any business receives. This protects your facility against non-employee lawsuits. This is particularly commonplace in the medical field. If someone is injured because of negligence, in slip or fall accidents, they are covered.

Commercial Property

Property insurance will cover your building, supplies and equipment. Sometimes a building might suffer damage in a fire or there may be theft involved with missing equipment. Whatever the case, this helps protect against damages. The only exclusions may be certain natural disasters.

Worker’s Compensation

Don’t go without worker’s compensation! This is vital and in some states required, of all businesses. With staff giving care 24-7 to patients, you need to be there for them if an accident or injury befalls them.

Nursing facilities have their share of risks and liabilities. It’s important to protect your facility with insurance for nursing. Of course, this is only the most important policies, you can tailor your coverages to your company.