Obtain Affordable Protection That Your Business Requires

commercial insurance in Bergen County

The world of business insurance can be complicated even for the experienced business owner. Luckily, there are a number of locations that offer commercial insurance in Bergen County. Each of these have their benefits and their downfalls. However, there a few basic policies that many have in common. It is important to understand what policies are required in order to keep your business up and running.

New Jersey Insurance Requirements

New Jersey law mandates that business have the following insurance: general liability, fire, and commercial auto. General liability insurance can help cover the costs of customers’ medical expenses in case of injury on your property. This type of coverage can also cover potential reparations you may face in the case of a lawsuit. Meanwhile, commercial auto coverage can handle the repairs and replacement of an entire fleet of vehicles.

However, those with several employees must obtain a few other policies. These include:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Disability
  • Employer Liability
  • Unemployment

Beneficial Packages

Certain agencies offer the option to create insurance packages. These come with a bundle of policies for an affordable price. Agencies can bundle general liability and property coverage among several other relevant policies.

Reasonable premiums are possible when you work with an exceptional agency. Start building your commercial insurance in Bergen County today, and create the business of your dreams.