Your Online Design Can Help Draw More Visitors

top insurance websites.

The best way to gain new customers and retain your valuable client base is through the proper use of today’s technology. This starts with a good marketing plan, but the focus needs to be on designing one of the top insurance websites. People who visit websites and find them dull, or are simply not impressed with what they see, seldom go back for a second look.

Because your company’s website plays such an important role in attracting visitors and gaining prospects, it makes sense to invest in it, with both time and money, to make sure it is always up-to-date and contains valuable information. Determining what is valuable requires a little research, perhaps seeing what your competitors are doing to accomplish this goal. Consider the different roles the site plays and make the proper investments in its future.

Things to implement to attract your audience

Start with an optimized website with easy-to-navigate landing pages for each product or service along with prominent call-to-action designed to capture leads. You’re going to need effective keyword and link building to rank higher in searches and generate traffic to the site.

Have professionally written customized website content, blogs, and articles for continued high ranking, traffic-generation, and customer interaction. You’re also going to need to establish an across-the-board social media marketing strategy (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube) to establish the trust of clients and prospects. Finally, ongoing communication with leads, intending to convert them into sales with an automated drip marketing system.

Your digital storefront is a great way to gain customers

Make sure that your storefront looks nice because potential customers will see the storefront as a reflection of the business and the agency’s brand. This forms an important first impression for potential customers. Make sure it loads quickly, and really reflects what the company and its personnel are all about. Most importantly it should be fully functional.

An effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and the ability to collect website visitor information is equally vital. Improving SEO will help steer visitors to the website via Google and other search engines. The best SEO strategies are built into insurance websites at conception, and any SEO strategy should target specific local searches in the desired area. The top insurance websites also include easy to navigate website forms for queries and useful information.