Professional Care Coverage For Those That Care For Others

allied malpractice insurance

As a professional working in the healthcare or medical field, the exposure of your services you to many risks. Although you may be doing all that you can to help your patients or offer affordable care, malpractice lawsuits are a constant threat. To protect your career, you need to purchase an Allied malpractice insurance plan.

With a comprehensive malpractice policy, you are generally protected from a variety of expenses that occur as the result of a malpractice suit. Applicable costs may include:

Attorneys’ fees and court costs
Settlement costs
Medical Damages
Arbitration costs
Punitive and compensatory damages

Many malpractice insurance policies have restrictions for liability claims that stem from criminal acts, sexual misconduct and tampering or altering medical records. Your liability coverage may also have time restrictions for applicability, as some individuals don’t pursue a claim until years after the alleged incident took place.

By choosing an Allied malpractice insurance plan, you not only get complete malpractice coverage, but you have a team of experienced and knowledgeable agents standing by to help answer your questions. Allied works with A-rated providers to carry insurance policies that address areas of risks unique to your field of experience. They offer plans for a variety of healthcare sectors that range from audiologists, ophthalmologists, assistive care facilities, physicians and many more.