Protect Your Business With Propane Insurance

If you work as a propane retailer, the owner of a gas station or in any other business where propane is a part of your daily operations, you need to have insurance that considers the risks of propane. Here is how propane insurance may benefit you.

What Is Included in Propane Insurance?

Propane insurance is designed for those with a high-risk profile and work with propane or within the propane industry. The types of coverages that you may receive include:

  • General liability
  • Excess liability
  • Automobile
  • Property
  • Workplace violence

Your coverage options can be custom-designed for your company.

Who Benefits From Propane Insurance?

Anyone who works within the propane industry would benefit from insurance coverages tailored to the company’s specific risks. The types of companies that benefit the most from propane insurance include:

  • Propane retailers
  • Propane distributors
  • Fuel oil retailers
  • Fuel oil distributors
  • Full and self-service gas stations

When you work in an industry that handles propane, you have specialized risks requiring underwriters who understand the types of coverages you need. You have different safety requirements and it is important that you and all of your employees have training in safety practices.

All industries have custom risks that require tailored underwriting. If your company distributes propane or gasoline, you need to think about the different risks your company poses to customers, guests, and the environment.