Protecting Yourself From the Liabilities of Your Off-road Vehicle

Off-road Vehicle

Not all states require you to purchase insurance for your all-terrain vehicle, but investing in a policy is a decision you won’t regret. There are some states that require you to carry ATV insurance if you are going to be riding the vehicle on public land or state parks, but you may also be required to have insurance by a lender financing your ATV.

Why Is Insurance Necessary?

When you think about riding an ATV, there is always the potential for an accident to occur, no matter how experienced you are. An accident could lead to physical injuries with you or a bystander, or it could cause property damage to the vehicle and any property of third party individuals that was in the area of the accident. As the owner of the ATV, you could be held liable for the costs of repair or replacement for all property damage, and reimbursement for any medical attention or disability settlements.

How Much Insurance Is Necessary?

You should select insurance coverage that reflects how much you intend to your use vehicle and the environment where you plan to do most of your driving. If you plan to keep the ATV on your personal property, your risks aren’t as great as taking it through public forests or someone else’s land. You can talk to an agent about the coverage you need and how will address your liabilities.