Questions To Ask Your New Insurance Agent

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Are you getting ready to start your business and now you’re on Google searching for “insurance agent tulsa”? While there are many options available to obtain coverage, you want to make sure the agent you choose can cover you when you need it the most. As you conduct your research, here are three coverage options that you want to be sure to ask about.

General Liability Insurance

With most insurance companies, general liability will often serve as a catch-all coverage against 3rd party lawsuits. In most cases, your policy will cover the legal costs associated with such lawsuits. Be sure to ask about what’s covered under the general liability portion as well as more specific liability coverages that may be available.

Property Insurance

You should ask about property insurance even if you don’t think you have much property. With the right coverage, your policy would pay to repair or replace your damaged or lost items. These can include your building, office furniture, laptop and even your electronic data.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If you have employees, you want to make sure your agent understands the requirements for workers’ compensation for the state of Oklahoma. If one of your employees were to become injured or sick while on the job, you want to make sure that their medical expenses and lost wages would be covered by your policy.

Be sure to take your time as you review the results of your search for “insurance agent Tulsa”. The best agents will be willing to customize their offerings to meet your exact needs.