Risks Associated With Septic Installation

When it comes to septic maintenance and installation, there are specific risks and exposures that other companies may not have to deal with. While you still have the same professional liability and workers’ compensation concerns as other businesses, some risks are specific to the septic industry. Here is what you need to know about two common risks.

Bacteria Contamination

In a septic system, the bacterial action liquefies waste. Then, the soil acts as a filter and clean water returns to the groundwater table. If a septic tank doesn’t function properly, it can cause bacteria to back up into homes or businesses. During pumping operations, accidents can happen that may cause backups or other discharges. With mold, bacteria, gradual and sudden accidental pollution liability coverage, you’ll have coverage that fills the gaps left by standard policies.

Septic Tank Cave-Ins

If your company handles septic tank installations, you may have to work with a variety of soils and perform deep and shallow excavations. A collapse or cave-in can result in serious injuries and property damage. While it is up to your company to protect against possible cave-ins, you need coverages in case of an accident.

To maintain your business’s continuity, you need to have adequate policies. Companies that install or maintain septic tanks require septic system insurance coverage.