Safety Training Reduces Claims Against Your Policy

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Staffing firms need healthy employees in order to facilitate the needs of their clients. Managers and employees benefit greatly from a workplace that has fewer hazards, which in turn reduces the number of worker injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. In return, they receive the benefits of improved worker satisfaction, higher productivity in the workforce, as well as collaboration, recruitment, and retention.

They also need staffing agency insurance to aid workers who fall victim to illness or injury. Promoting and ensuring employee safety and their well being is the responsibility of every staffing firm. Regular safety meetings and posting regulations are strides towards helping employers promote and ensure safer and healthier work environments.

Safety equals productivity

Staffing agencies often hire individuals based on their level of skill in a particular field. When they have qualified temporary workers they can help their clients fulfill their current needs. These clients often have hard deadlines to meet, so safety needs to be a priority at all times, since losing just one person puts a strain on the rest of the staff and can result in deadlines not being met.

Each employer should tour their facility, looking for any hazards that currently exist. Any issues uncovered should be addressed immediately by a manager or someone in a position to prevent and/or correct the problem and is also in a position to comply with OSHA standards. For example, staffing agencies that provide general safety and health training often have a lower percentage of workplace incidents, and host employers that provide specific training tailored to their particular workplace equipment will also see a reduction in injuries.

Complying with OSHA requirements

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has concerns that some employers may use temporary workers as a way to avoid meeting all of their compliance obligations under the OSHA Act and other worker protection laws. They also have concerns that temporary workers purportedly get placed in a variety of some of the more hazardous jobs.

They believe that temp workers are often not given adequate safety training or proper explanations of their duties, either by the temporary staffing agency or the host employer. Therefore, it is essential that both employers foster a workplace culture that increases employer and worker awareness of safety procedures. Staffing firms must further demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a high quality work environment, and staffing agency insurance is a key component in administering care to injured and ill workers.