SEO Mistakes to Avoid With Insurance Agencies

insurance SEO

While so much is offered online, there needs to be a way to dictate what appears where when keywords are put through search engines. This is what Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is used for: increasing the likelihood that your website will appear nearer the top of the list. This is done by not only the inclusion of frequently searched keywords but also the attention brought to those pages through sharing and conversation. With insurance SEO, there are a few common mistakes, though, that brokers make.

1. Thinking SEO Is Unimportant for Insurance

No matter the industry, SEO can and will benefit you. Insurance is a competitive market, so other insurance companies are vying for that top spot and grabbing searchers’ attention before you even have the chance.

2. Using Broad Keywords

Since insurance SEO is such a competitive scene, try not to, for example, cover the range on the entire state you’re in. Stay local and specific with your keywords, giving you a better chance at success.

3. Keyword Stuffing

Just randomly placing multiple keywords throughout your website and blog will do nothing to help. Content needs to be interesting and shareable in order to work with Google’s algorithm.

4. Repeating Content

Furthermore, Google’s algorithm does not take kindly to the exact same thing repeated over again. Make unique content with the same or similar keywords.