The Effect of COVID-19 on Trucking Cargo


Despite the pandemic causing havoc in the country, truck drivers are still hauling necessary goods. The growing pressure of delivering these goods as quickly as possible may increase the risks for truckers. Cargo liability provides some coverage should something happen to the cargo along the way.

Necessary Cargo

Certain cargo has been deemed necessary by the federal government. Drivers for these types of cargo do not currently have to abide by the truck driving limits. Medical equipment, groceries and care essentials have become more essential in the past few weeks. Delivering these items to pharmacies, medical facilities and grocery stores have become more important.

Logistic Changes

Due to the closure of many restaurants, bars and retailers, many truckers are changing who they deliver to right now. These locations have seen a complete drop in shipments in many locations. On the flip side, grocery stores and hospitals have seen a surge in shipment demand. Logistical companies are having to move with the rapidly changing demands.

Cargo Risks

As referenced on, cargo liability insurance covers specific shipments rather than broad coverage. While hauling cargo, the items can be damaged due to equipment failure, natural disasters, theft, refrigeration breakdown or a collision.

Protecting your financial assets is still important despite what is going on in the world. Continue to provide this essential service with the added support of cargo liability insurance.