The Septic Insurance Programs Your Private Sewer Operation Needs To Know About

Sewer Operation

Whether your company specializes in septic tank installation, wastewater treatment, portable toilets or something else related to sewer operations, it’s a good idea to have insurance for private sewers in place. Septic operations come with some unique risks, from equipment damage to bacterial contamination and more, that may require strong coverage. Take a look at the programs and details your firm should consider.

Look for Design and Installation-Specific Coverage

When looking for sewer insurance, it may be most helpful to find coverage tailored to your firm’s specialty. In many cases, this may mean finding design or installation-specific coverage. This type of coverage may be beneficial to:

  • Septic consultation firms
  • Equipment or materials suppliers
  • Sewage design and operations
  • Tank installation and maintenance companies

Septic Insurance Should Encompass Potential Claims and Physical Assets

Your company’s insurance should encompass both potential claims that could be brought against the firm as well as damage to assets like equipment. Many insurance programs offer sewer operations the following coverage types:

  • Gradual and sudden pollution coverage in case of accidents
  • Product liability coverage
  • Employee fidelity coverage
  • Commercial auto coverage and relevant property insurance
  • Professional and general liability coverage

Without proper insurance for private sewers, you may be leaving your company at risk of asset damage, claims and other industry-specific exposures. Consider looking into insurance programs that offer the coverage detailed here.