Three Great Yacht Insurance Coverages to Consider

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In this day and age, items of value must be insured so that consumers are protected when the unexpected comes to pass. Your yacht is no exception. While there are many insurance options and services to choose from, here are three great coverages that could save you a lot of potential stress and money should you find yourself in a difficult situation. Look for these options as you hunt for the most cost effective yacht insurance quote.

Emergency Assistance

If you are far from land and your yacht experiences a mechanical failure, emergency assistance coverage helps you cover the cost of retrieving the yacht from the water and taking it to the mechanic. This insurance option can provide you with an affordable emergency plan of action.

Uninsured Boater

Akin to uninsured motorist policies for auto insurance, uninsured boater insurance covers damages to your yacht should a boater without insurance cause an accident.

Oil Pollution Liability

Protect yourself and the environment with oil pollution liability insurance. If your yacht leaks oil and other pollutants into the water, this insurance covers the removal of pollutants. This kind of coverage is important for protecting wild-life and can save you money in pollution fines.

If you are in the market for coverage, find a yacht insurance quote that includes these three coverages. You can rest easy knowing that in the event of unexpected occurrences, your costs will be more manageable.