Three Steps To Take When Handling Employee Theft

janitorial general liability insurance

Cleaning someone’s home or office gives your employees access to the owner’s valuables and possessions. Unfortunately, not all employees can resist the temptation and take something of the property owners. In addition to having janitorial general liability insurance, here are some steps to take to address employee theft accusations. 


The first step in anything dealing with employees is to ensure you follow your policies. Have one in place ahead of time to include in the employee handbook that every employee signs. The policy is a great place to start and keeps the accusations on a professional footing.


Before you accuse anyone of anything, make sure you have strong evidence to support the claim. If the client is making the accusation, request to have their evidence. Be prepared for a confrontation with the client and employee over the accusation.


If the evidence strongly suggests theft did occur, notify the police. Avoid discussing the incident with anyone other than the authorities, the client and the employee. Give the police the evidence and answer any questions they may have. Your cooperation is essential during this time.

No one wants to be accused of stealing, but it does happen. Ensure your cleaning company with janitorial general liability insurance to help reduce the financial impact employee theft can have on your business.