Three Things That May Not Be Covered By Your Insurance Policy

business property insurance in Columbus, OH

Any smart business owner probably has multiple insurance policies to protect against many different eventualities. However, your business property insurance in Columbus, OH may not cover many of the things that could be critical if you ever need to file a claim.

1. Electrical Surges or Lightning Strikes

In the wake of a storm, you may find that your building is fine but much of your equipment has been damaged by an electrical surge. You may be surprised to find that your policy will not pay for repairs or replacements of the damaged equipment because electrical damage is a common exclusion for business property insurance in Columbus, OH.

2. Broken Windows

Vandalism is typically one of the eventualities that a commercial policy covers but if the act of vandalism includes broken windows, you may be out of luck. Many policies do not include replacing windows or other broken glass but may cover the damage the glass causes.

3. Burst Pipes or Boilers

Water can cause major damage to your office space and its contents, but if the damage is the result of a boiler or pipe explosion it may not be covered by a basic policy.

Any policy your company carries will be subject to exclusions so you should always make sure to read your policy carefully. Carrying basic business property insurance in Columbus, OH may not be enough to protect your company from potential disasters without adding additional policies.