Top Trends in the Manufacturing Industry for 2019

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The manufacturing industry has changed drastically in the last few decades. These trends continue to offer growth and an improved bottom line for the industry. Companies should look at their NJ manufacturers insurance to ensure they meet the changing needs of the company as they adopt new technology and grow their businesses.


Manufacturing companies are starting to take advantage of the changing technological advancements of recent years. The move to 5G is expected to offer greater speeds. 3D printing and cloud computing have changed many aspects of the industry.


The workforce is changing to become more and more diverse. Financially, many manufacturing companies are seeing better performance when they don’t have a homogenous workforce. More diversity and improved programs offer better benefits to the company and the employees.


Many manufacturing companies are collaborating with universities, a significant change from the past several years. Stronger collaboration efforts are expected to be on the rise throughout the year. Incorporating new technology into the manufacturing process lends itself to better collaboration between the industry and educational institutions.

As the industry continues to grow, expand and improve, the need for NJ manufacturers insurance hasn’t changed. Companies still need to cover their liabilities as they diversify their workforce, collaborate with educational institutions and use new technology.