What is Warehouse Insurance Coverage?

You might not realize it, but there is specialized insurance required when you own a warehouse. What you need for warehouse insurance coverage depends on what you are storing.

Common Warehouse Insurance Coverage

There are a few common types of insurance coverage that you need regardless of what you or your clients are storing. These are some basic types of coverages.

Property and liability

This protects your property and your customer’s property from damage due to weather, fire, smoke, storm and natural disasters. The liability portion of this policy protects you against slips and falls and on-property injury.

Legal Liability

This protects you against your customer’s property being damaged. If their property is damaged through no fault of yours, this insurance covers it.

Warehouse Specific Coverage

This coverage is specific to the property in your warehouse. It is only slightly different than legal liability.

Warehouse Legal Liability

This protects you and your customers against negligent damage. If for some reason, the roof falls in or something is stolen, your customers can sue you. This legal liability protects against things that may or may not be your fault. Warehouse legal liability insurance is by far the most complex and warrants a serious discussion with your insurance agent.

You will also need insurance for any workers in your warehouse, like workers’ comp. Regardless of what size your warehouse is, you will need warehouse-specific insurance.