What Type of Liability Insurance Does Your Business Need?

us liability insurance

Businesses have more than one liability when operating. However, standard liability coverage comes down to general liability and public liability insurance. Use these tips to choose the US liability insurance policy that’s right for your business.

General Liability

A broad range of risks business face is covered under a general liability policy, including those under public liability policies. Legal issues covered can include liabilities caused by negligence, defective products, bodily injuries and workplace accidents. Employers, employees and the public have some liability coverage under the policy. You may need a general liability policy to receive an operating license from the state or local municipality.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance is not as comprehensive as a general liability policy. The policy focuses on the risks incurred when a third-party or member of the public is harmed or injured while on the property. The insurance helps safeguard the assets of the business owners. Many businesses start with this form of protection and move to the more comprehensive coverage of a general liability policy.

US liability insurance doesn’t have to be a complicated thing to choose for your business. Choosing the right coverage covers the most risks your business faces. An insurance agent can help you narrow down the one your business needs now.