What You Need to Fill out a Professional Liability Form

contractors professional liability insurance application

When it comes to applying for insurance, most people find it to be intimidating. The truth is that many insurance applications make the whole process a lot easier. If you’re preparing to fill out the contractors professional liability insurance application, here is what you need to have with you.

General Information

Every application comes with a general information section. When you’re filling out your application, you need to list your basic information and address, along with the legal structure of your business. This section should be the simplest for anyone to fill out.

Business Information

Before you fill out the application, you may want to make sure that you have certain documents at the ready. For instance, you will need to discuss the following:

Personnel information

Revenue information

Operations information

Pollution information

Client information

Project information

Contract information

Subcontractor information

Business operations

Risk management


Insurance information

Many of the questions are asking for figures and percentages. It’s important to be able to look back at your paperwork so that you can be accurate on the form.

When you need contractors professional liability insurance, you shouldn’t wait around for it. Even the contractor’s professional liability insurance application isn’t that difficult to fill out. Most of the pages are self-explanatory, as long as you gather the right information.