Why Do You Need Dog Liability Insurance?

Some insurance companies offer dog liability insurance. Many people don’t understand why someone would purchase liability insurance for a dog, but if you are a dog owner, it’s something you should consider. 

Average Dog Bite Claims Costs

Did you know that dog bite claims costs can reach up to $50,000? Every time a dog bite occurs, there is a possibility that the owner will be held liable. In addition, if the dog bite has caused any damage, the victim has the right to receive compensation for their medical bills and time missed at work due to the bite. Dog bite claims costs are not cheap at all!

More than half of US states have strict liability laws, which state that the dog owner is responsible for paying dog bite compensation, no matter the circumstances surrounding the accident. That is why dog owners need to have insurance that can help them pay any compensation they are liable for. 

In Summary

Without a doubt, having dog bite insurance is necessary to protect you from entering into financial hardship if your dog bites someone. Dog bite claims costs are expensive, so insure yourself to avoid any future problems should something happen with your dog.