Why Nurses Need Coverage

industry leaders at Huntersure

Just as a doctor will carry malpractice insurance in a hospital or private practice, the same should be applied to nurses, according to industry leaders at Huntersure. The question “Do nurses need malpractice insurance?” might seem excessive, but there are several reasons why they should carry it if they want to avoid getting sued.

Employer Liability Doesn’t Cover Everything

Although many employers offer general liability insurance, it does not cover everything. Sometimes nurses can be personally sued by patients and could risk losing their license or paying a lot of money out of their own pocket. Having malpractice insurance can help avoid the worry that comes with such problems.

There Are Different Policies That Cater to Various Needs

Just as there are different types of nurses in the workplace, there are a variety of policies that cater to unique nursing needs. This could include nurses who work in a hospital setting, or those who work with a specialist, such as a plastic surgeon. When asking do nurses need malpractice insurance, it is important to contact an insurance company, and let them know what types of specific nursing you do, to get the best policy for your needs.
Getting malpractice insurance as a nurse is important. Knowing what policies can be written for your specific line of work allows you to be prepared. You can avoid serious issues this way, rather than assuming an employer will protect you with general liability.