Why Nurses Should Have Personal Insurance


Nursing is an evergrowing occupation. The need for nurses to help in the medical field and do more to properly manage hospitals, offices and more expands the demand for nurses, and the growth of nursing students show the popularity of the occupation. While this is highly beneficial, there has also been an increase of malpractice claims aimed directly at nurses. Source: https://www.huntersure.com/. This is likely due to both the extended involvement of nurses in medical environments as well as the litigious state of current society.
While many may think they can rely only on their employer’s insurance, this is often not enough. Nurses may find themselves in sticky situations and forced to handle it on their own. This is why specialized nursing malpractice insurance can be a vital part of the occupation.

Why Do Nurses Need Their Own Malpractice Insurance?

There are several misconceptions with insurance. Some believe that only physicians are sued for malpractice, but nurses can also be caught up in a problem that directly leads to something they did. Claims of negligence or mispractice can arise, even when a nurse has done nothing wrong. This is even more likely now that nurses are the primary source of care in many different health institutions. Nurses practitioners often care for those in the stead of a doctor.
In the case of nursing students and recent graduates, this can lead to inexperienced mistakes. Accidents happen and everyone has to start somewhere. Often times, this kind of problem is not covered under the employer’s insurance and blame can be put completely on the nurse. There can be various exclusions in the employer’s insurance policy which can lead to difficulties for the nurses themselves.
Finally, it’s important to note that nursing malpractice insurance can be a necessity due to false claims. It’s not uncommon for unwarranted accusations to arise, but that doesn’t protect you financially. Costs are still needed to prove your innocence or settle in cases where there is no proof. For that reason, insurance is vital in order to cover the legal fees.