Why You Should Consider Purchasing Insurance For Your Cleaning Company

If you own a cleaning business, your top priority is to keep things running as smoothly as possible.  Unfortunately, as benign as it sounds, running a cleaning business is not without risks.

The Risks of Running a Cleaning Company

Your business can face accusations of theft or incomplete work and even run into liability issues if a client slips on a wet floor.  It is vital that you look into insurance for cleaning companies in order to protect yourself and your business.

What Can be Covered By Cleaning Company Insurance?

You can obtain a variety of different types of insurance coverage for your business.  The first and most essential of these is general liability insurance.  This type of insurance protects your company if you injure someone or cause damage to a client’s property.

The next type of insurance to consider is commercial property insurance.  This type of insurance is only applicable if you own expensive cleaning equipment like steam cleaners.  It provides coverage in situations where your gear/equipment is stolen, damaged, or lost.

If your cleaning company employs workers, you also need to have workers’ compensation insurance.  Workers’ compensation provides coverage for any medical bills in situations where your workers are injured while working.

Running a cleaning company can be difficult.  Having good insurance coverage can make all the difference.