Yacht Club Insurance is Designed for Peace of Mind

insurance for yacht clubs

Yacht clubs are generally uneventful and safe places to be, which is precisely why yacht owners join them in the first place. Owning a yacht is about luxury, of course, but it’s also about relaxation and getting away from the real world if just for a day or two. That said, a yacht owner isn’t apt to dock his vessel in a marina that is not properly protected with insurance for yacht clubs.

Just because marinas are supposed to be calm places doesn’t mean that they always are. The ocean is known for creating drastic weather patterns, and high winds, heavy rains and water surges have the potential to wreak havoc on an otherwise calm harbor. If enough damage is done to the docks, yachts may get loose, capsize or knock into one another. If the marina owner didn’t take proper measures to protect him or herself in the event of such catastrophe, they may find themselves financially liable for all property damage.

Storms aren’t the only threats to yacht clubs. Other boaters, inexperienced boaters and vandals pose very real risks to docked vessels and members alike. The right coverage can protect you from assuming liability when another’s negligence results in property damage or personal injury.

When you have the right coverage, you will have peace of mind. More importantly, however, so will yacht owners, making them more inclined to do business with you.